Honor Band 4 Review

Honor Band 4 Review

Honor Band 4 has been launched with a price in India of Rs. 2,599 but is it better than its inexpensive counterpart Mi Band 3. Here's our Honor Band 4 Full review. 

Honor Band 4 Full Review
Honor Band 4 Full Review
Honor Band 4, Huawei's online sub-brand Honor launched the new fitness tracker at a price point that is aimed at adopting new users or first-time wearers. Like other dirt-cheap fitness trackers available in the market, Honor Band 4 also offers a set of many features, which were ever tagged with Premium Wearels.

At the beginning of this month, a report of IDC said that wearable shipment was seen in comparison to the same period last year. It has been further stated in the report that the basic wearable launch has helped the segment to show development.

Coming in the Indian market, the wearable segment in the country is still dominated by the likes of Xiaomi, GOQii, Titan, Fitbit, and more. It seems that now there is a plan to get a respectable pie in this segment and the Honor Band 4 may be the best bet. 

Honor Band 4 sports a color display, sleep monitor, heart-rate monitor, and can provide notifications for calls, messages and more with linked smartphone. On paper, Honor Band 4 offers features that are more or less expected from this price point. But does it make it different from other fitness trackers. Let's try to know this in our review.


  • Touchscreen AMOLED color screen
  • Decent battery life
  • Home button


  • No button to power-on
  • Strap feels cheap
  • Slightly patchy connectivity issue


Honor Band 4 Review: Design and display

Honor Band 4 comes with a familiar design that still packs some elements that make it stand in affordable fitness trackers with overcrowding. On the top of the Honor band 4 games, an all-glass look appears, which is definitely looking for quality classics and MI feels much more sophisticated than the band 3.

Honor Band 4 Full Review
Honor Band 4 Full Review

One of the biggest highlights of Honor Band 4 is a front button that helps. You have to navigate the tracker.

Honor Band 4 packs a touchscreen, which means that you can browse through the features through swipe gestures on the display. For the construction of the tracker, Honor Band 4 looks strong with a single strap that imitates the modern day smartwatch.

The strap has a pattern design and comes with the buckle design, to ensure that the band is set on our wrist. However, we thought that the quality of the strap could be better. During daily use, the strap was comfortable to wear.

Honor Band 4 is available in Black, Blue and Pink Colors. In all types, the main unit is all black. We have to give the Horner Band 4 Brownie Points on our wrist so that our wrist will be easy to the extent that we sometimes forget that we had worn it and it was to be checked. Sometimes it worries us, but we have to admit that it requires a 24-hour fitness tracker.

While the company claims that the display is scratch resistant, we feel that all-glass design can get scratches during daily use and receiving lamination can help in a long time.

The Honor Band 4 features a 0.98 inch AMOLED panel with a 240x120 pixel screen resolution and 2.5 de-curved screen. Color display Honor is one of the biggest USP of Band 4 because there are not many fitness trackers who are giving color display at this price point.

The display is fairly bright for use under direct sunlight. In our opinion, the Honor Band 4 packs one of the best displays on a fitness tracker at this price point.

Honor Band 4: Performance and smart features 

Honor Band 4 can be easily synced in Android or iOS smartphone via the Huawei Health app. For Android users, the Huawei Health app needs to be updated (unless you update it, the fitness tracker list is dated). For iOS users, the Huawei Health app has been updated and can be synced with Honor Band 4 with the help of Bluetooth.

Honor Band 4 Full Review
Honor Band 4 Full Review

While connecting the band with a smartphone was not a problem. However, we noticed that some efforts were made to keep it syncing with the app. The problem is that when you close the Huawei Health app, the band is disconnected.

We used Honor Band 4 with both Android and iPhone. We saw that there was less problem in the band when it was synchronized with the iPhone compared to syncing with Android device. Compared to the iPhone, we had to face several disconnects when using the band with Android. We expect the issue to be fixed in the upcoming firmware update.

Honor Band 4, as it has been marketed, informs users about incoming calls, messages and other information. One of our favorite things about Honor Band 4 was the recall of the movement.

If you are sitting in a place for a long time then the band 4 will inform for a short walk or for a normal stretching. This is something that you do not get even in Premium Smartwatch.

Monitoring heart rate is a great feature at this cost and works well for us. Scientific sleep monitoring on Honor Band 4 is also a clean addition and it can help you to track your sleep. However, it is noteworthy that Scientific Sleep Monitor extracts more juice from your band.

Fitness tracker also comes with 5ATM water resistant, which means it is a water resistant for 50 meters. This feature can be easy for swimmers coupled with swimming posture recognition, which uses six-axis sensors to identify main strokes such as freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

Honor Band 4 offers a great offering, which is a remote control for the camera app. This feature is limited to Huawei / Honor devices though. Another good addition is 'Find your phone' which runs ringtones loud on the synchronized phone.

Honor Band 4 Review: Verdict

Honor Band 4 has been launched in India at a price of Rs. 2,599 and exclusively available through Amazon India. Honor Band is a great addition to the 4 Chinese brand and gives a good option for those who want to make the first wearable effort.

Honor Band 4 Full Review
Honor Band 4 Full Review
It comes with heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and many sports modes, which are clean additions to fitness trackers.

Color AMOLED Touch Displays is the biggest attraction of Honor Band. One of the issues we faced in Honor Band 4 was that if we accidentally closed it.

The band needs to turn on the charging dock, which can be a big problem because you are unlikely to roam with the fitness tracker's charging dock. Overall, we realized that Honor has done a great job with Honor Band 4 and we will definitely recommend it above Mi Band 3.

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