Honor Watch Magic Review

Honor Watch Magic Review

Honor Watch Magic Review
The Honor Watch Magic runs proprietary software

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There's been a lot about SmartWatch and we've seen many manufacturers trying to crack the segment. Google's Wear OS platform has not collected as much traction as Apple has managed with Apple Watch.

  • The Honor Watch Magic has a crisp AMOLED display
  • It runs on a proprietary OS from Honor
  • Tracking is quite accurate on the Honor Watch Magic

Since software and hardware options are limited, some manufacturers, including Samsung and Huawei, have opted for their own proprietary operating system. We've already tested Samsung's Galaxy Watch, and we were impressed by it.

Honor is now taking a crack in this category, and the result is Honor Watch Magic, which costs Rs. 14,999 Should you put your money on this device, or better smartwatch from there? We review it to find out.

Honor Watch Magic design 

Honor Watch Magic Review
The Honor Watch Magic has a metal dial while the base is made out of plastic

Honor Watch Magic has been designed like a traditional watch. A rounded bezel is surrounded by a spherical dial with the bezel. This reduces the possibility of performance with day-to-day usage. The display is 1.2 inches on watch magic and the top half of the case is made of metal.

Honor has managed to keep the thickness under control and the clock thickness should be 9.8 mm acceptable. It is neither heavy nor weighing around 50 grams. With a compact size and low weight, you can forget that you are wearing this device.

Honor Watch Magic has two buttons on the right. Honor has prepared bezel and stainless steel buttons, while Watch Magic is made of plastic. Bits appear as premiums, but those who are hidden still feel like they are made of high-quality plastic.

The same principle has also been applied to the lease. It is composed of silicon but at the top, it is a layer of Italian chloride. Since the back is silicon, you can wear it at the gym or on the run without worrying about damage to the skin.

You'll get instant release pins on the strap, and like most another smartwatch, you can swap it for any other band of your choice. We like the band that came with our Watch Magic Review Unit because it usually differs from what we see.

Honor Watch Magic Review
The Honor Watch Magic has a heart-rate sensor at the back

Turn the clock around and you will spot the heart rate sensor as well as the pogo pin connectors to charge this device. The charger is the size of the disk and it has a magnet to ensure that its charging creates a proper connection with the pin clock.

We found that it is quite useful, and the magnetic stretch is strong enough to stay connected with the clock. There is a USB Type-C port in the charging disk, which is a good thing, because if you are using an appropriate modern Android smartphone, then you will not have to put an extra cable to charge the watch.

Honor Watch Magic 

specifications, software, and features

Honor opted for AMOLED display for Watch Magic. It is a 1.2-inch measurement and has a resolution of 390x390 pixels. It has a density of 326ppi and it is crisp to look. When we are out, we are able to see that it is bright enough.

Honor Watch Magic Review
The magnetic charger latches onto the watch easily and has a USB Type-C port

Honor claims that Watch Magic is the first device with "dual chipset", in which a chipset is optimized for power affixation and the other for performance. Watch Magic has 178mAh battery which is smaller than some other Smartwatch in the market.

Honor Watch Magic runs on a custom OS, not on Google's ware OS. It is compatible with Android phones (Android 4.4 or higher) and iOS (9 or above). It has Bluetooth 4.2 LE and supports three Satellite Positioning System (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo).

Honor Watch Magic also has NFC which is used for Alipay and a public transit card in China, but these facilities are not supported in India.

To pair watch, you'll need the Huawei Health app on your smartphone. We added Watch Magic to Google Pixel 3 84 56784 (review) during our review. Clock faces are customizable and you can choose between several options that are preloaded.

Since this device is running on proprietary software, so the faces are limited and we cannot download new ones. Different watch face highlights various types of data that the watch records.

You can use one that shows the rate of your heart and the number of steps you have taken, while some others have VO2 Max reading or show your current height.

Honor has packed many features in Watch Magic. In addition to normal steps and sleep tracking, this device is capable of recording workouts, swims and cycling in addition to other activities.

There is also a breathing facility that lets you set the intensity and duration before starting its navigation.

Honor Watch Magic Review
Honor Watch Magic Review

A compass app helps you to determine which direction you are going in, and the barometer app uses the device's internal sensor to measure pressure.

Honor Watch is capable of measuring magic, and this feature is listed in the device menu. However, Honor told Review Techie that this facility is currently only available in China.

Continuous heart tracking is also available, and therefore automated sleep tracking. This SmartWatch does not have a voice assistant like some others but it can alert you about incoming calls and messages via an alert.

Honor Watch Magic 

performance and battery life

Honor Watch Magic Review
Honor Watch Magic Review

There is a crisp display in Honor Watch Magic and the brightness of the screen adjusts automatically. The upper button brings a list of features available on the clock, and you can swipe to the screen to go through the list. When you are in one of the menus, this button also works as a back button.

The second button brings a list of exercise tracking options. If you hold this button for a few seconds, it locks the clock's screen, which is a nifty feature and can prevent accidental touch input.

While scrolling through the menu and trying out the features, we did not pay any attention to any interval. We did not find any way to add apps or new features, so you'll be confined to those who came with the clock and with whatever software update provides in the future.

Watch Magic can track the steps, and to test it, we manually calculated 1,000 steps, as we walked. The clock showed 995 steps, which is an acceptable deviation.

Honor Watch Magic Review
Honor Watch Magic Review

As there are GPS sensors in Watch Magic, you will be able to track running or running without your smartphone. We fixed a distance by testing its GPS accuracy, which we know is exactly 1km. Watch Magic measured 1.07 km, which is also acceptable.

You will be able to track the treadmill run using this clock, but we found that the accuracy was just a little bit in our test because the clock was 1.35 km for a 1.5 km race. The clock gives you the option of correcting the readings before saving the workout.

While tracking workouts it was also interesting that the device shows different heart rate areas so that you are aware of how you need to change your activity levels.

We used Watch Magic for a couple of weeks and were happy with the sleep tracking function. It is not very heavy, and we have the ability to sleep with this device.

Sleep tracking was accurate, and like the Honor Band 4, your sleep record breaks into a deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, waking duration and nap, using Huawei's true lap tracking algorithms.

The clock analyzed the quality of our sleep and highlighted the criteria that needed attention. You can also see suggestions for improving the quality of sleep, which are helpful.

Battery life was surprisingly good, given that the 178mAh capacity on paper did not inspire much confidence in us. Honor claims that the clock will be worth a week, but we manage about four days.

Honor Watch Magic Review
Honor Watch Magic Review

It is still good because we used to track it for sleeping and we had consistently measured our heart rate, to show everyone for all the notifications for WhatsApp message or an incoming call.

 If you are not wearing a device, the battery will last longer, because all tracking functions will be disabled. If you are actively using the clock to track your workout, you can expect a low battery life.

Charging is easy, and you only have to look at the magnetic charger. We saw that the device charged 50 percent in 20 minutes, and it got close to 45 minutes to fully charge.


Honor Watch Magic Review
Honor Watch Magic Review

The Honor Watch Magic offers good features and is quite accurate when it comes to tracking. Its design will appeal to a lot of people, but we wish this device was available in different sizes. With its fitness tracking options, it is designed to appeal to those with active lifestyles.

If you are looking for a good smartwatch to track your fitness, the Honor Watch Magic will do that well. However, if you are looking for customisability and app support on a wearable, then that is one area where the Honor Watch Magic is a little restricted. For better software support, you could look at the Misfit Vapor as an alternative.

Price: Rs. 14,999


  • Accurate tracking
  • Crisp AMOLED display
  • Good battery life


  • No app support
  • Limited customization options

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Design and comfort: 3.5
  • Tracking accuracy: 4
  • Software and ecosystem: 2.5
  • Battery life: 4
  • Overall: 3.5

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