Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

While many major headphone manufacturers sell wireless and truly wireless earphones, in recent months, the growing number of smartphone manufacturers have stepped into the market.

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All this started with Apple AirPods, which was not really the first wireless earphone, but is credited with popularizing this type of product.
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review
The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are among the smallest of their kind but are they any good?

The obvious conclusion is that the audio products of smartphone makers - however, have been made using popular standards - will work best with their own smartphones, which is why we meet in brand space like Xiaomi and Samsung.


  • The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds come with a cylindrical charging case
  • The earphones connect over Bluetooth to any compatible device
  • The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds support Bluetooth 5, but not aptX

The latest HMD Global in that list, which recently launched Nokia True Wireless Earbands. RS 9,999, True Wireless Earbands provide simplicity and ease of use, as well as average battery life.

We review Nokia True Wireless earbuds to find out that these earphones are actually a better option than the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Bud, Apple AirPods and any other high-end options available today.


Nokia True Wireless Earbuds design and specifications

In fact, wireless earphones are usually larger than regular wireless earphones, but Nokia True wireless earbuds expect very compact casing.

Earbuds are not too large or heavier than typical wired earphones, which is an achievement that everyone should have their batteries and their circuitry inside them.
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

While most of the covers are metal, their back is plastic and each has a Nokia logo and a microphone hole. Each earbud has a button and 'L' and mark R 'marking.

The sales package includes Nokia True wireless earbuds, cylindrical charging case, a USB type-C charging cable, two additional pairs of silicon ear devices and instruction manual.

Charging case is quite unique compared to what we have seen from competitive products. It is long, and contains a battery that can charge both earbuds four times.

The lower part of the case has indicator light so that you can know the battery level of the case and whether the buds are charging, which is a convenient touch.

The process of charging Nokia True wireless earbuds is as unique as its own. A contact point touches the grill of each bud, while the second makes contact with the metal part of their coatings. Once you put the buds in the case properly and closed it, the power of the buds decreases and the charging starts.

However, finding True Wireless Earbads is not as easy as we would like. The buds have to be completely fit in their grooves, and the place is smeared. If you do not fix it, then the case will not just stop. When we initially struggled with it, we finally got it done.

Another thing to note is that only the right earpiece can be used as a standalone device; If the correct earpiece is closed then one source on the left will not be connected to the device.

Only when using the right earpiece, until the left earbud is closed, right earbuds gave a lot of connection signals, which quickly became very annoying. 

This may be a minor discomfort, but it is definitely worth keeping in mind that True Wireless Earbuds are ideally used to be used as a pair, say, AirPods.

Nothing has been listed about specifications of Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, except that they work on Bluetooth 5 and have an IPX4 rating for water but there is no dust resistance.

While codec support is not listed, during our testing, we were able to see that Nokia True wireless earbud only supports the SBC codec, there is no support for aptX or AAC. We have said this before and we will say it again - Support for aptX and AAC should be standard on all high-priced Bluetooth audio devices.

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds use their small size and low weight, in fact, among the most comfortable pair of wireless earphones. 

Feathers or fittings were not needed so that they could live safely in our ears; We found that the buds should be light to stay in place and should be rested comfortably for hours in a stretch.

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds each have a button that can be used to control playback, volume, and power. A very long press (about six seconds) on either button powers the pair off at the same time, but turning each one back on (understandably) required both buttons to be pressed individually. 

A long-press (about three seconds) on the left or right earpiece will take you to the previous or next track respectively. 

Similarly, a double-tap on the left button decreases the volume and a double-tap on the right increases it. A single press plays or pauses music, or answers calls. 

The controls are convenient and we got used to them quickly. No matter how you put the earphones on, you should be able to access the buttons easily when needed.
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are available in just a single colour: black. The earpieces are each rated to run for four hours on a single charge, with the charging case capable of topping up both their batteries four times over. 

We were able to come close to these figures during our testing; we easily achieved four hours from the buds on a couple of occasions, but the charging case was able to top them up only about three-and-a-half times over. 

On the whole, the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds offer a great combination of premium build quality and useful specifications, only lacking in wider codec support.

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds performance

With Samsung Galaxy Buds, Nokia True Wireless is positioned against Airbus airports, but with more Android-friendly and universal approaches.

Between Nokia and Samsung options, it's easy to start with any smartphone that you are using in the past. There are no apps; Pairing only requires standard Bluetooth options on your source device.
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

You will be able to see the battery level of earbuds on your smartphone, provided it is running Android 8.1 / iOS 9 or new software.

Bluetooth 5 ensured a stable connection to us with Nokia True Wireless Earbuds during our time, though we felt the absence of Apex XXx in quality of sound.

Used with Apple AirPods (when used with an iPhone) or Samsung Galaxy Buds (when the Samsung smartphone supports the scalable codec), but the USP Nokia Earbands is versatility.

In fact, this pair of earphones used the universal SBC codec to provide the best sound best heard from any correct wireless earphones during streaming.

Yes, it seems a bit too specific, but considering that most users do not have iPhones or a relatively new flagship Samsung smartphone, this requires a headset which looks good on the basis of the most basic smartphone as well. To bring the best in software compatibility performance.

Nokia True Wireless Earbands provided decent sound quality for the price with OnePlus 6T and MacBook Air, which we used as source devices for this review. Their Sonic signatures have been tuned to popular genres, and they handle the frequency across the entire range.

It was a treat for us to hear the angels die on the Nokia True Wireless Earbands, in which the low end was fairly clear.

Bass and attack were strong, with the feeling of a tightness and tricks that we have not heard from any other wireless earphones we have reviewed so far. 

We would not say that the bass Samsung is just like the Samsung Galaxy Bunds, but we definitely found it to be more sophisticated and enjoyable.

The track also displayed excellent soundstage of True Wireless Earbuds with a wide and open sound. The depth and feel of the soft elements were similar to the loud and more defined sounds, and they never lost in the tightness of bass or superior highs. 

While there is a certain decrease in reaction from the middle boundary, it does not affect the enjoyment we receive very much.

Moving forward Love Love Love by Moullinex - a busy track with many different devices that are playing quickly with each other - we realized the shortcomings of the SBC codec.

The AptX codec would have been made for better instrumentation seperation and imaging, and while earphones were working well, as the choice of any similar price to handle this track, the sonic image was completely a bit upset.
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review
Nokia True Wireless Earbuds Review

Nokia True Wireless Earbands are also loud, and at high levels they are capable of holding their nerve too. However, due to this, hearing a track like Light It Up by Major Laser, high level of bitterness was created, which could cause fatigue of the listeners in the long run. 

However, the sound quality and overall hearing experience were the best in medium volume on these earphones.

Finally, with the calls, audio quality was not good enough as it was on competitive products. Nothing appears to be seen through call voice enhancement or noise cancellation, and the people we talked to have complained about the background noise in our end. 

When we could hear the voice of our collars, they often became very muddy.


The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are an interesting option that doesn't cost a lot of money, but isn't cheap either. With design, comfort, simplicity, and good sound. 

The True Wireless Earbuds are an excellent option to consider for users of a wide variety of smartphones, audio players, and laptops. Although limited to the SBC codec. 

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds offer capable sound quality compared to most other pairs of truly wireless earphones that are currently available.

If you have an Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone that supports the Scalable codec, AirPods and Galaxy Buds respectively would be better options. 

For every other smartphone, you won't find a better option for the price than the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds. While there are some minor flaws in functionality and the lack of codec support beyond SBC to consider, the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds still come through as a capable pair of truly wireless earphones.

Price: Rs. 9,999


  • Small, light, and comfortable
  • Tight bass, crisp treble
  • Wide, open soundstage
  • Good battery life with the charging case
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Bluetooth 5 support


  • Only SBC codec support
  • Too much background sound on voice calls

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Design/ comfort: 4.5
  • Audio quality: 3.5
  • Battery life: 4
  • Value for money: 4
  • Overall: 4

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