Redmi Note 7S First Impressions

Redmi Note 7S First Impressions
Redmi Note 7S First Impressions

In an amazing development, Xiaomi India started launching a new Redmi Note 7S smartphone last week. Given the fact that the company already had the Redmi Note 7 and Radmi Note 7 Pro for sale in the country, it was a bit difficult to understand why it would like to bring consumers into another phone to confuse them. 

Now, today after the unveiling of the Redmi Note 7 S, it seems possible that Xiaomi considered the 48-megapixel camera deficiency as a weakness on Indian radio note 7, which could benefit from the competition. 

Xiaomi has now combined this difference with the aggressively priced Redmi Note 7S, which is basically the same smartphone that was introduced in China as Redmi Note 7.

We managed to spend some time with Redmi Note 7S on Monday, and here are our first impressions of the new smartphone.

If you have seen Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7s model, you have seen them all. The Redmi Note 7S designs similar to the Radmi Note 7 and the Radmi Note 7 Pro. 

Apart from the lack of gradient finish on the back of the Redmi Note 7S, the three phones of Redmi Note 7-Series look alike, which is not bad. 

Xiaomi managed to create a beautiful and premium looking phone with Redmi Note 7, and it makes sense to use the same design for the company.

Like other Redmi Note 7 phones, the Redmi Note 7S looks good and solid in hand. It is a bit heavy, but it is not too heavy to cure usage every day. 

Using the glass on both the front and back makes this phone a little delicate, so consumers will need to be careful while handling the Redmi 7S. Glass in the smartphone is also a fingerprint magnet, but the smile marks can be easily erased. 

Xiaomi says that this phone body has P2i nano-coating which makes it splash-proof.

Xiaomi uses the 6.3-inch full-HD + screen with the Water-Style-Noach (or Dot Notch, as the company says) on the front. As it is the same display panel that uses Redmi Note 7 and Redmi note 7 Pro, we have no complaints from the screen. Color reproduction is good, and the screen is bright enough to be visible under direct sunlight.

The main attraction of this new smartphone is clearly its 48-megapixel primary rear camera. Although Xiaomi has not officially announced the actual primary camera sensor used in Redmi Note 7S during its launch, 

but the product listing on the company's website confirms that it is actually the same Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor Which can be found in the Chinese version. Redmi Note 7. This 48-megapixel shooter has been connected to a 5-megapixel secondary sensor to create a rear dual-camera setup.

It is quite likely that we will see some debates between Xiaomi fans which have a better sensor, Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 or Sony IMX586 (used in Redmi Note 7 Pro). In our brief experience with the new Redmi Note 7 S, its camera seemed to take decent pictures, except that they were a bit more of our choice. 

On the front, Redmi Note 7S has the same 13-megapixel selfie shooter like the other Redmi Note 7-Series phone, and it takes a good-looking selfie in good light conditions. We will take a detailed insight into our deepest review on all cameras of this new smartphone.

The Redmi Note 7S Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is powered by SoC, the same processor that Xiaomi used for Redmi Note 7. In our short time with this phone, we immediately responded to everything that was thrown at him. 

There were no signals of the lag, which is not surprising with the same Snapdragon 660 with Redmi Note 7, and when we reviewed it, the same amount of RAM (4GB) was quite good.

In other features, Xiaomi has given this phone a rear fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C port, hybrid dual-sim tray, IR blaster and 4G LTE support.

AI Face is also unlocked. In addition, the company has supported 4,000mAh of the battery as well as Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4 standard. All this comes at the initial cost of rupees. 

For variants with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, it is 10,999 and its cost is also Rs. 12,999 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage

In the continuous race to stay ahead of your competition, Xiaomi is hoping that Redmi Note 7S will give another option for buyers to choose. The advanced primary rear camera is the only difference between the new Radmi note 7S and the Redmi Note 7. 

Its cost is also an additional Rs. 1,000, but will this phone reduce the appeal of the Redmi Note 7 Pro? Keep reading, because our full review of the Redmi Note 7S is going to happen soon.

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