Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Stranger Things Season 3 Review:
The Hawkins Crew Feel the Pain of Growing Up

Stranger Things Season 3 Review
Stranger Things Season 3 Review

The Hawkins crew is getting bigger - and besides that. On Netflix from Thursday, July 4, in Stranger Things Season 3 - Children are now teenagers, which affect not only the dynamic between the group but also the whole show. 

Mike (Finn Wolfford) and XI (Millie Bobby Brown) are spending most of their time together with each other for the resentment of the gang members and their adopter father Chief Hopper (David Harbor). 

Demons have lost more than a year of their childhood, all Will (Noah Schnapp) wants to play Dungeons and Dragons like boys, but Mike and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) - which has a girlfriend in Max (Sadie Sink )) - are not really anymore. 

And Dustin (Gaton Matrezo), ignoring all, begins to spend more time with Steve (Joe Kiri), who further points out that the AV Club is ready for a division.

While Stranger's stories have been a journey from the beginning, for at least the youngest characters, their arcs have a turning point in the third season of the hit Netflix series. 

Eleven is in the heart of this, as he finally gets an opportunity to find himself after two seasons of being hidden for his own safety. The beginning of Stranger Things Season 3 indicates that there can be no future for long due to the presence of dust in the relationship between Hopper and L's parents. 

This is just one of the many subplots that are set in motion in the early stages, in the third season, the tendency of the second season to send groups of characters on the branching storyline continues, which will naturally accompany the season as it grows.
Stranger Things Season 3 Review
Stranger Things Season 3 Review

In addition, strangers take advantage of things to change from setting 3. It is set in 1985 (American) summer, which allows it to leave behind the sad autumn that contributed to the mood in the first two seasons. 

On the screen, it also contributes to a vibrant explosion of colors and is not more clear than anywhere in the new locale, which brings everyone together: Hawkins's bright new starport Mall For children, this school changes to a common hangout.

But this is a better step for the show, because it can be drawn to people of all ages, including enough old college (such as Steve), while using it as a setting for the third session's narrative, the teenager A big fight with romance, new human villains, and upside down monsters, recently as a sign of more than a trailer.

We open a summer first, in June of 1984, a six-minute unanswered scene sets new threats, or creates a new route for the old danger. Jump one year ahead and the kids are doing most of their summer, stay out late and secretly use movies to watch movies like the Zombie Horror Day of the dead. 

(Where are ushers?) Of course, this is stranger things, in the first 15 minutes there is Amis in Hawkins. Will is the only person who can feel it, suggesting that he retains a small part of that connection with the monster, even though it was thrown out in season 2. 
Stranger Things Season 3 Review
Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Her mental powers are reminiscent of Harry Potter's mark again, except that she is now PTSD in place of Vision that is seen in PTSD.

Of the young adults, the couple Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Hetan) - respectively, Mike and Will's older siblings are working in the local newspaper The Hawkins Post. 

While her boyfriend is allowed to manage the photo department on their own, Nancy is not naturally taken seriously as a writer because it is a decade of eighty, and instead office like coffee and lunch Is designed to work. It does not give any end to it and pushing it to work on its own. 

One of the continuous thorns in his favor is a senior journalist named Bruce (Jake Basie), whose personality makes him the right monster-meat, seeing that the disorder will be for him. You'll feel the same way for Mayor Kline (Carrie Alves) of Hawkins - another new character - who orders around the Hooper.

Talking about the hopper, who is the only real police person, Xi is trying to rejoin himself in the life of Joyce (Winona Ryder), who still loves Season 2's lover Bob Newbie (Sean Astin) Is recovering from loss. 

Like the last time, Joyce is one of those people who are investigating the most awkward incidents with Nancy, though later it proves that he is proving that he is good at his job and not so That they think something is happening in Hawkins. 
Stranger Things Season 3 Review
Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Between the kids, this is Left-handed Dustin who stumbles on a mystery and then accepts the help of Steve's smart ice cream parlor colleague Robin (Maya Hawk), which is also the only extra for the main cast of Stogger Things Season is. Robin adds a new dynamic to Dustin-Steve Bromance, who came to life in Season 2, and is also established as a romantic interest for the big of two.

Bromance Stranger Things 3 comes in more headlines, along with co-creators Ross and Matt Duffer - professionally known as The Dear Brothers, who also work as authors and directors on many episodes - Know about shared chemistry and how delightful they were. 

Look around last time. Ultimately, he speaks only who tilts the audience. Even when the monsters can bring in the audience and can drive the plot, Stranger Things are loved for his beloved characters, their conversation, and their relationship. 

And when the third season of the Netflix series is already established, in which there is a strong bond between Joyce and Hopper, it also makes room for new people like Max and Xi, who is ready to emerge from that cocoon, Whom he had kept, while everyone else. Dealing with teenage life, this is the first time when L learns that she likes to be a child and enjoys herself.

But character development has not spread throughout the board. Jonathan's choice is nothing but nancy to accompany him on his exploits, while Stranger Things turn into a sounding board for Lucas and Max Mike and XI in Season 3, respectively. 

His purpose, we had access to at least three episodes, served the story of another person. And of course, it is useless to bring Mike and Nancy's mother Karen (Kara Bono), which was too little to do in Season 2 except for that flirtatious scene with Max2's Big Brother Billy (Dakrey Montgomery). 

Sadly, stranger things 3 cannot think of anything except that when you want more than continue. It is worth noting that Bono is still listed in the main cast of the show, given that he has been treated according to his character. The only other disturbing feature is a bit of a feature that kickstarted a subplot.
Stranger Things Season 3 Review
Stranger Things Season 3 Review

As always, Stranger Things is full of apathy for people of a certain age, with famous shows from TV shows like Magnum I.I. Cheer playing in the background, besides Madonna, The Cars, Cutting crew, Don McLean, Foreign, Jim Cross, Rio Speedway, and Corey Hart's hit soundtrack. 

Some songs are used specifically for on-the-nose effects of the song. And the tempting-enough thrills (though the absence of the emotional effect of season 2) and thanks to seeing the Hawkins Crew. 

Turn into adults in front of our eyes (although potentially at the expense of their close friendships), strangers things seasons 3 Netflix is ​​a welcome return to the popular Sci-Fi horror series. It is slightly more special than the fact that it spent almost two years in the air.

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