The Lion King Review

The Lion King Review:

A Visual Upgrade, Devoid of the Disney Magic.

The Lion King Review
The Lion King Review

In some ways, the remake of The 
Lion King - from director John Favreau - is like a movie created for those who watched the animated origins of 1994. And in other ways, it seems that it has been made for those who have not seen the original. Allow us to explain.

If you have not seen the original, then you will be able to easily appreciate the photorealistic visuals of the remake, which borrowed in 2016 the Jungle Book Remake using such a superbly used Disney and Favorite. 

In the new Lion King, the blade of every animal, bird, and grass has been provided exquisitely. (This is not a "live-action" remake, because many people are calling it, but a computer-animated film that is made to look realistically possible). 

When the characters are not talking or singing If you are, you can easily make a mistake for the movie. The brilliantly-drawn nature documentary, La BBC Planet Earth.
The Lion King Review
The Lion King Review

For those people who have seen the original lion, only after more than two and a half decades - like a visual-enhanced hit in Nostalgia, which is one of the actors of the A-list, the role of voice for characters Is playing. 

You remember famously and those songs have been included in popular culture, including the famous "Hakuna Mata". (With Donald Glover and BeyoncĂ© James Earl Jones, Mufasa is a couple of new additions in the form of Carrie-O. 

If Hindi is your fans, then you will be treated with Shahrukh Khan and his son. Does it Probably to see those memories again and to resurrect them on a larger scale, possibly in IMAX.

But pushing for realism is its drawbacks. By limiting it, in the real world, how the animals look, feel and behave, the new 
Lion King will have to avoid the stylistic exaggerations that allow traditional animation. 

(This is a problem that partially shares it with a live-action Aladdin remake, which was released in May.) As a result, some of the most imaginative and best-looking frames of the original are almost left on the remake. , which in turn turns. Another natural realization. 

Therefore, those who have not seen the original will enjoy the remake more, because they will not have anything to compare it to.
The Lion King Review
The Lion King Review

And in his commitment to realism, the new 
Lion King also spoils the glory of his villain trail, leaving his regal look in favor of a chaotic, impaired frame. 

Apart from this, the photorealistic approach also gets in the way of expressions that can register on the face of the characters. 

It is unclear how much motion capture was used, but if there is any sign of Favreau's previous statements about The Jungle Book, then they lowered the possibility of it. 

Lion King is damaged as a result of the lack of anthropomorphization because the mouths of animals and birds are barely open, their faces barely twist, and barely have a feeling.

The result of dissatisfaction and imbalance in The 
Lion King remake is because it has a star-studded voice cast and can apply to the iconic soundtrack, but it does not have the heart of artistry and origin. 

This is a wonderful animal like Harry Potter. And just like the spin-off franchise, it's a Lion King movie without any reason, because what it offers is very much canceled, which does not do it. There is no reason for this.

Like most of Disney's last Live-Action / CGI Hybrid remake, The 
Lion King retains all the big plot points from the original. 

We open with the rising sun on an African savannah, because a young lion cub is presented down to a gathering audience on Pride Rock. 
His name is Simba (JD Macquinder when Young, as Glover Adult) and he is the future King, which is currently a state seen by his father Mufasa and his mother Sarabi (Alfre Woodard). 

After going to the forbidden land with her best friend Nala (Shahid Wright Joseph when young, as a grown man), Simba is very keen to be saved by her father to prove herself.

In the meantime, Mufasa's younger brother Scar (Chiwetel I go for), who said that the film had challenged his elder siblings for leadership and had made a play for Sarabhi in the days of youth, he was plotting to handle them. 

Mark makes a deal with the pack of hyena that resides in the forbidden land, and together, they put a plan in motion that ends with the death of Mufasa. (Spoiler for a 25-year-old film, sorry.) 

The Lion King Review
The Lion King Review

Scar convinced Simba that the young cubs have to be blamed for the death of their father, who then runs away from the Predlandands and goes into the desert. 

There, it is found by the War-Cracking Merckett Timon (Billy Eichner) and a pair of slow-witted war Pumba (Seth Rogen), with which Simba is rich in her juicy, jungle house.

As you can tell, the new 
Lion King does not shake the tail in any important way. This is a shot-for-shot remake many times. 

There is a bit more backstory for some of the lions, and a pair of new songs: "soul" for the creek, is likely because they have hired Beyonce, and "Never to lie", which brings Elton John back, Who has made a lot of things. 

Original Music Neither is anything special, though there is little improvement on the new song given to Jasmine on "Soul" Aladdin remake. 

But these films do not even attempt to update themselves for a long time, ensure that female characters have a limited role and in turn, movies become more outdated and irrelevant even before they are out.

What is worth it, The 
Lion King has updated itself for the time to include more African actors and other people with African descent. The likes of Ejiofor, Kani, and Jones (as usual) are wonderful in their roles, which bring a sense of vitality to gravity. 

Meanwhile, as Zozoo, Rogin, Inner, and John Oliver have a great influence as well as other voice actors. The former two is based on chemistry which requires Timon-Pumba and raises the film after the first acting which only fulfills its narrative purpose. 

They also provide the only piece of self-awareness in the new Lion King who otherwise feels that it is worshiping the original that it thinks very closely.

Jodi and Zazoo are lost on some of the original shoots in "Hawaii War Chant" and "The Morning Report". They are rare signs of creative licenses on the 
Lion King remake, which could have used it more. 

However, if you talk about songs, even those who have been kept, they are not very special - not the singing, but the scene. 

Disney has been made smart enough to keep singers and actors in Glover and Beyonce, who hope to give them like you, but overall performance is silent for them, which lacks the freedom to provide traditional animation. 

Even his duet "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" is a surprisingly flat screen, which is widely performed in daylight.
The Lion King Review
The Lion King Review

Finally, the new 
Lion King does not have the attraction and connects which is original to all, save for a central section featuring Timon and Pamba. 

If Disney is really pushing to bring all its animated stories into the modern era, then it should take a strong look at updating their stories and finding someone with a creative vision, just to get them a spectacular-budget photorealistic makeover Should give. 

(The estimated cost of the remake is $ 250 million, about Rs. 1700 crore.) Said, if it earns just as much money as it is expected to make - the original made about one billion dollars (about 6,800 crores) after that. All - this studio should do exactly the same with their "live-action" remake of her favorite qualities.

But if Disney could bother to make the lions look so real, the least they could have done is take inspiration from the real animal world, where female lions are the ones who run the pride.

The Lion King releases July 19 in India in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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